There no place to go that doesn have a TV set

Of course, you could just go ahead and take your fries with a side of Lipitor. It’s no picnic, though, to deep fry at home. It’s hot, dangerous, greasy work on a good day. The kids each pay him roughly 25 cents to fill their plastic 5 gallon buckets.Lefen says this area is booming but there are no government services, no electricity, no toilets and no schools.Isdres Baptiste, 30, runs a combination barbershop and photo studio out of a red sheet metal shack.Before the earthquake, Baptiste says, his shop was on Delmas 31, a bustling street in the capital. On weekends, he says he was always busy with people getting their hair cut and ordering photos for birthdays or other celebrations. Baptiste says the problem now is that the people don’t have any money.

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