About our governance

A dedicated Advisory Council has been established to support the work of ABH-ABNLP, specifically the General Manager and the members. The Inaugural Council members are committed to raising the standards of all Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Trainers and Master Traimers in our global community.

The Council is global in representation with seven Council members from different countries. The Council is comprised mostly of NLP Master Trainers, Hypnosis Master Trainers and successful business leaders.

Every year, hundreds of members renew their membership and many more join the Board and together as a global community, we will continue to help our respective communities. Some of the Council members  have trained with different NLP organisations as well as achieved higher education masters degrees. Their backgrounds bring a balance and real-world perspective that is relevant in today’s changing society.

The responsibilities of the Council include:

  • Setting and reviewing the strategic direction of the organisation for the betterment of members
  • Monitoring standards and best practice
  • Addressing issues of non-compliance amongst members specifically recommending remedial action related to non-compliance of code of conduct, code of ethics and standards in practice and trainings.
  • Deciding on key activities that will benefit the Board and the Board’s members
  • Engaging with members for the purpose of consultation regarding the Board’s strategic direction
  • Reviewing the Board’s governance including Council member contribution and all governance related processes and documents.
Inaugural Council members

Chair: Gina Palmer

Gina has been in business, change consulting, corporate governance and education since 1985. Her passion is empowering others to be the best they can be, and this is why Gina has always been in roles where change and strategy are paramount. She is a qualified Non-Executive Company Director and most recently was Chair and President of one of Australia’s most iconic Not-For-Profit companies leading significant change with positive results locally and globally.

Since 1990, Gina has been formally recognised for innovation, leadership and contribution to the community including awards for: community service; excellence in leadership; and excellence in education (nationally in Australia). Since 2014, Gina has been a Mentor for students at one of Australia’s leading universities. She has also published in peer-reviewed journals on the use of technology in education. As an academic, Gina values innovation and the contribution learning and teaching have to the global community.

As an NLP Master Trainer, Gina knows what it takes to build a business in the NLP sector. It requires a clear vision, strategy, focus, high standards, and taking action.

Her message to you is “You are the solution the world needs, do your best to achieve results through strategic thinking, integrity, collaboration, agility, and leadership…follow those who are on the right path to the future because there are no short-cuts.”

Gina invites you to become a member of the Boards and to grow your practise so that you can support global transformation.


Certified Master Trainer of NLP; Trainer of Time Line Therapy®, Trainer of Hypnosis, Diploma of NLP and Hypnotherapy; Member of GoAH

B Science (Griffith); Grad Dip Ed (UQ); Grad Dip Hum (UNE); Masters URP (UQ); MBA (USQ); Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors


Special Advisor: Dr. Kim Redman: Visionary, and CEO of Creatrix Go Quantum and Go Quantum University.

Alchemist, Visionary, Keynote Speaker, Multiple #1 International Best Selling Author, Master Trainer of Hypnosis (2010), Master Trainer of NLP (2011)

Dr Kim and Creatrix Go Quantum are where “East Meets West for Quantum Success™”.  With one foot in science and one foot in spirit, Dr. Kim is a living bridge.  She works with Conscious Entrepreneurs who want to create legacy and mission, wielding the Expert Model™ to break concrete ceilings and launch them nationally and internationally into crazy success.

As a global leader in Quantum Consciousness, and the international founder of the field of Quantum Leadership™, Dr. Kim works with the core competencies, skill sets and behaviours that allow human potential to expand vertically, bloom, root and grow. In Dr. Kim’s world consciousness is a technology.

Dr. Kim has been nominated for the top 100 Most Powerful Women, Maverick category, and most recently for the Conscious Leaders award supported by Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine.

Pouring 35+ years as a Mystery School and Ancient Wisdoms initiate through the lens of quantum physics, psycho-neurobiology, quantum mechanical biology…and delivering with her dynamic onstage presence; fun, energy and education converge for excellence. Dr. Kim is as entertaining as she is educational.


Marc McDermott  the Founder of NLP Training Ltd. He is a Master Trainer of Hypnosis and a Master Trainer of NLP, as well as a Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy® and Coaching, with 27 years experience in the field. Other qualifications include B.A.(HONS) and Dip. Couns.

Originally Marc trained with Dr. Richard Bandler, Co-creator of NLP. He later studied with Drs. Tad and Adriana James, Tad was the Creator of Time Line Therapy®.

Besides certifying others, he has worked at the top of the film industry, in prisons and schools, focusing on personal evolution, harnessing the power of the Unconscious Mind, and living a more satisfying life.

Marc is fascinated by the relationship between the structure of language and the structure of consciousness in present-moment experiencing, and the potential for this to enable access to the gateway through to new levels of awareness.

Marc regularly presents at conferences, including the NLP Masters’ Summit, the UK Hypnosis Convention, the NLP International Conference and the Global NLP Masters’ Summit.


Terence Jiam is the Principal Trainer and Business Coach for Emwerks, a training and coaching company in Malaysia that specialises in the application of Neuro Linguistic Programming for business success. As an Approved NLP Certification Training Institute by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy™ Association, Emwerks provide one of the best NLP Certification Trainings in the ASEAN region.

Terence’s wealth of experience in building leaders is a culmination of more than 2 decades of hands-on experience in developing leaders, selling and performance coaching. Trained in the field of Neuro Linguistics Programming, Hypnosis and Creating Your Future® Coaching Techniques, his strength lies in igniting behavioral change and personal transformation. Terence is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP, Trainer of Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy™ and NLP Coaching.

Engaged for achieving performance breakthroughs in selling and leadership development, Terence has helped senior management of Multi National Corporation, Non-profit Organisation, business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders to enhance performance and achieve long lasting results.

He believes that the surest way to transform a nation is to empower every individual with the right knowledge and skills that will allow them to overcome many of the challenges they face in life. He firmly believes that NLP is one of the key ingredients to achieving that. Many of his students and graduates have progressed to become corporate leaders in Asia Pacific, NLP Master Trainers, Business Coach, Leadership Mentors, Business Owners and Community Leaders. When society becomes progressive and empowering that’s when we will produce our greatest leaders.

Currently mentoring business owners, NLP trainers, breakthrough coaches and community leaders, his ability to train and coach leaders from diverse fields has given him the opportunity to serve in many countries around the world – Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Korea, Timor Leste, Australia and Europe [Germany].


Cristina Moise, Coach & Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis since 2017. She came across NLP as she was going through a major shift in her life and was looking for something that would truly make her empowered. She realized shortly after taking the NLP trainings that the magic in any human transformation lies in re-training our minds (both conscious and unconscious) on the way we see the world; the way we make decisions and the way we take action.

She has been since then passionate about helping people realize the amazing opportunity, they all have to create a life of their own choice.

Before NLP, Cristina had a vast and exciting 20+ years career in the global corporate world where she supported clients to deliver significant business impact through digital transformation. She understands the importance of a flexible and constantly evolving business mindset in driving the success of any company. Especially these days when change happens very fast.

She loves teaching NLP and witnessing people literally changing their lives and their businesses, during and after the trainings, in ways they never believed were possible before. They acknowledge how powerful they are and how anything they want becomes possible for them.


Khai Zen has been passionate about the transformative power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) since 2006. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Khai Zen has dedicated his career to fostering a new generation of world-class NLP graduates.

Khai Zen's expertise lies in delivering clear, concise, and effective NLP training. He has a proven track record of success in empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their desired outcomes. Since 2015, Khai Zen has trained and certified numerous students in NLP, specializing in performance breakthroughs, business growth, and most recently, relationship coaching, particularly between parents and children.

Driven by a desire to uphold the highest standards of NLP training, Khai Zen is motivated to serve on the ABNLP Board of Directors. He is committed to ensuring that graduates are proficient in NLP patterns and techniques, confident in their abilities, and equipped to create lasting positive change for their clients.

Khai Zen is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP, Trainer of Time Line Therapy®, Trainer of Hypnosis, Trainer of NLP Coaching and holds a Bachelors Arts Degree in Marketing (UMS). He is a lifelong learner who is constantly seeking new ways to improve his ability to help self and others to thrive in the environment they are in.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Khai Zen values clarity and certainty. He believes that every NLP graduate has the potential to ignite positive change in the world, empowering others to live their best lives.


Gina Veveriță, with a distinguished and accomplished career, is an NLP Master Trainer and CEO of NLP Discovery, a prestigious NLP certification institution located in the heart of Timisoara, Romania. With a solid technical education, Gina chose the path of entrepreneurship as early as 1994. In 2008, she began a new chapter in her professional life, dedicating herself to the field of life and business coaching through NLP. This journey was extended by introducing training courses in NLP, TLT, Coaching, and Hypnosis at various levels.

From the age of 11, Gina has been a passionate chess player, participating in international competitions, where she cultivated her strategic and planned thinking. A decade of experience in Multi-Level Marketing allowed her to shape and develop successful leaders and teams.

In her life, Gina is guided by values such as integrity, efficiency, competence, and results orientation. She is a visionary with unshakeable integrity and admirable firmness, having the ability to transform ideas into reality and quickly adapt to changes. She is always willing to experiment with new ideas, being open to novelty and technology.

A born leader, Gina has the ability to develop the people around her. She possesses solid skills in business administration, planning, sales, and taxation. To date, she has trained over 500 coaches and trainers who, in turn, pass on the knowledge they have acquired.

Her message to you is "Step into the realm of transformation with ABH-ABNLP. Guided by the values of integrity, competence, and result-orientation, we're dedicated to shaping leaders and innovators just like you. With our commitment to strategic thinking and adaptability, we encourage you to join us in turning ideas into reality. Your path to personal and professional growth starts here at ABH-ABNLP. Together, let's create a future that's both exciting and fulfilling."

As for her accreditations, Gina is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP, Trainer of Time Line Therapy®️, Trainer of Hypnosis, and Trainer of NLP Coaching.


Reg Malhotra is the founder & lead trainer at Neuro Masters Academy, a leading organisation across United States & Australia for personal development including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy (R) and multiple other areas of personal & spiritual growth.

Reg has helped thousands through his training programs, free seminars and content to retrain their mind, regulate their emotions, and maximize their performance.

He is passionate about helping others achieve meaningful goals in areas that include career, health, personal finance, family, and love life and is also a strong advocate for mindset, coaching & healing industries so that these very effective tools can be used by as many as possible.

Reg is a Master Trainer in Hypnotherapy
Trainer in NLP, Time Line Therapy (R)
Trainer in NLP Coaching
Master in Business Administration (MBA)



The Council respects and values diversity and the benefits that diversity brings to our community. The current Council demonstrates this respect with a blend of Council members from different cultural backgrounds, age group, as well as gender representation.