NLP Master Practitioner Level

A.  Duration of Training:  Minimum of 120 hours of advanced training taught by a certified trainer.  A minimum of 15 hours of direct trainer supervision.

B.  Demonstration of the ability to identify the following basic skills, techniques patterns and concepts of NLP and to utilize these competently with self and with others.

1.All practitioner level skills, singly and in combination.

2.Design individualized interventions (generative and remedial).

3.Ecological change work.

4.Shifting easily back and forth between content and form,
and experience and label.

5. Specific Master Practitioner Skills:
a. Meta Programs.
b. Criteria (Values).
i. identification and utilization.
ii. criteria ladder.
iii. elicitation of complex equivalence and adjustment of criteria.
iv. sleight of mouth.
c.  Installation and utilization of strategies.
d. Refined use of submodalities.
e. Deliberate multi-level communication.
f. Negotiations.
g. Presentation skills.
h. Modeling.
i. Utilization and transformation of beliefs and  presuppositions.