Paul Mehler III told reporters yesterday crews had flown over

Coast Guard Capt. Paul Mehler III told reporters yesterday crews had flown over the platform, hoping to drop salvagers aboard to check on the rig’s condition and take photographs and video. But the weather was so poor the drop was called off. In Alaska goes with the seasons you always trying to get ready for next season or cleaning up from the previous. It like a whole other world, never boring. You always getting ready for next season.

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uk canada goose outlet KASTE: There are some practical considerations here. Cops who’ve said racist things in the past may not have credibility on the stand. Earlier this week, the prosecutor in St. Volunteers were needed to hike into steep, exposed areas to hand seed thousands of native plants and create rock check dams to slow destructive runoff. New vegetation growth and small rock dams help ensure the slopes remain stable and that the natural ecosystem can recover.Saturday morning began early with a hearty pancake breakfast. Standing side by side with family, friends, and strangers alike, the volunteers gathered at Basalt Middle School to learn more about the day’s work uk canada goose outlet.