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It’s no longer enough for a hotel to offer beds, bars and banquets. (Have you heard the one about the robot that makes room deliveries at Aloft? It’s called a Botlr, of course.) Consumers are interested in rooms and hermes oran replica uk food with a point of view, preferably progressive.The game changing in Washington began in earnest with the arrival in 2017 of the Line hotel in Adams Morgan a church rethought as a place to sleep, perchance to eat and drink and continues with Eaton DC on K Street NW, conceived by Katherine “Kat” Lo, the daughter of Hong Kong real estate mogul Ka Shui Lo.[Tom Sietsema’s 9 favorite places to eat right now]Unveiled in September, the 209 room attraction embraces the notion of five pillars hotel, house, media, wellness and impact that explain the presence of a meditation space, Radical Library, in house radio station and poultry from a zero waste farm where chickens feast on hermes birkin replica aaa surplus vegetables and leftovers from farmers markets. The restrooms behind the lobby are gender neutral, which I discovered when I walked in on a woman washing her hands.

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