India is also property to a single of the Seven Wonders of the

Nicola Roberts Fenton wants you to experience the serenity of laying on your back on a mossy bed in the Tobeatic forest, listening to leaves rustling and birds singing overhead.Her plan for a business devoted to wilderness tourism is well underway thanks to $1,000 awarded after her entrepreneurial pitch at the Jan. 26 Ignite Tourism Startup event.Although she sees adventure as a major aspect of the business, she also hopes to appeal to those who like to spend quality time in nature in a more relaxing experience.Adventure and discovering exciting new places in her own backyard are her passions, although she also values quiet reflective time, surrounded by the forest, with her toes in the river.Roberts Fenton believes it important to highlight the gem in her backyard the Tobeatic Wilderness Area that fringes her community nearly 250,000 acres of protected wild, natural beauty.Growing up, she canoed with her father, explored old growth forest and has gone kayaking over the past 10 years.She says some of the men from the elite sport tourist era inspired her, in addition to present day friends and relatives.sat listening to some men my age talk about backwoods canoe trips and was captivated by the stories and cheap canada goose the places and the gear, the camaraderie and I thought, I want in, but I sure these are guys trips. And they likely think I slow them down I felt hopeless.

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