I am saying I am open to considering it”

replica bags in pakistan More than 50 https://www.replicabagsa.com people are believed to have been killed and hundreds of others injured in protests sparked by a decision many believe was little more than an attempt by Trump to divert attention from the Michael Flynn fiasco.Relocating the Australian embassy was still a bad idea in June when the Liberal Party’s Federal Council voted to urge the Turnbull Government to reconsider its position.”Jerusalem is a final status issue and we [the Australian Government] have maintained that position for decades. The Australian Government will not be moving our embassy to Jerusalem,” Bishop replied.How do you reconcile these clearly articulated statements of a long held position that has enjoyed bilateral support with Morrison’s announcement: “I am open to further pursuing [moving the embassy]. I am saying I am open to considering it”.The only new factor is the bizarre chain of events that culminated in Morrison’s elevation to the top job, prompting Turnbull’s resignation as the member for Wentworth and the calling of this weekend’s by election.If the Liberal’s lose the seat, which is being contested for them by former Australian ambassador to Israel, David Sharma, Morrison risks a hung parliament.Morrison’s claims this had nothing to do with the by election and was just a consequence of the imminent UN vote on the G77 leadership are, at best, unconvincing.At worst they demonstrate an unapologetic willingness to treat Australian voters as simple minded buffoons who can be easily led.Few voters outside of Wentworth, many of whom would be horrified at the prospect of Australia becoming only the second country after the US to set up an embassy in the highly contested holy city, will fall for such a ploy.Wentworth voters who could be influenced by such a promise will be reading the fine print very carefully. replica bags in pakistan

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