He has a gun? Because the next sentence doesn really have

The issue that was truly at the center of this conference was finding a way to circumvent the trust clause, that’s why the traditionalist didn’t really bat any eyelashes after the judicial council found the plan to be majorly unconstitutional last year. The plan will he found to be unconstitutional once again and the conservative branch will leave (assuming the softened disaffiliation plan stands) and create its own denomination (likely limited to the US) and leave the progressive branch stuck with the central conferences (whom were largely stirred into a frenzy by the WCA).The conservatives didn’t want to save the church, they high replica bags never did (or at least the ones in the US didn’t), they’ve been trying to disaffiliate for years. It seems that opponents to the traditionalist majority introduced many amendments in order to run down the clock and prevent the vote from being held, which is what the OP is referring to.

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