During closures above, traffic affected would be diverted via

(a) above.These measures would be in the interests of road safety while contractors undertake Programmed Cyclical Maintenance (drainage, lighting, signage, inspections and surveys, maintenance and clearance of vegetation, litter picking and clearance, road sweeping, emergency crossing point maintenance, road markings and road studs and clearance of injurious weeds).The duration of each closure would vary depending on the nature of the maintenance work being undertaken on each occasion. The programme of works would start on or after 8th July 2018. Overnight closures taking place on the M4 and connecting roads between Junctions 6 and 15 would be in operation between 21:00 and 06:00 (maximum period).Overnight closures and/or speed restrictions taking place on the M4 and connecting roads between Junctions 1 and 5 would be in operation between Monday Thursdays 22:00 05:30 Fridays 23:00 06:00 Saturdays 22:00 06:00 Sundays 22:30 05:30 (maximum period).The Order would come into force on 8th July 2018 and shall remain in force until 23rd December 2018.During closures above, traffic affected would be diverted via other junctions of the M4, or by using the M25, A4, A33, A34, A308, A308(M), A312, A322, A329(M), A338, A339, A355, A404(M), A419, A3044, A3113, A3290, A4155, B327 and the B4192.

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