During a vapor lock, the impeller spins but cannot move the

Joel Sartore, an acclaimed National Geographic photographer, is a man on a mission. He’s canada goose outlet trying to photograph every species, every animal, bird, fish, reptile and insect, in captivity. As Bill Whitaker first reported last fall, Joel Sartore sides with scientists who estimate that half the species alive today could be extinct by the end of this century.

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canada goose uk black friday A vapor lock is when the fountain pump has air bubbles trapped in the volute. This is the main internal space of a fountain pump. During a vapor lock, the impeller spins but cannot move the water because of the air bubbles. By the time we boarded an Avianca flight in Cartagena for the hour and 20 minute trip to the Colombian interior, we were fully committed, but not without a small slice of trepidation. I can’t say what we expected, but it sure wasn’t a brand new jet with individual video screens on each seat, or the tidy little hotel whose balcony I found myself standing on a couple of hours later. A van and driver we had prearranged picked us up at Matecana International Airport in Pereira and drove us out of the not especially attractive, medium size city canada goose uk black friday.