But it took two years to figure out the transcription

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uk canada goose Mr. Walling is a wildlife officer in TWRA Region III’s District 31 and was selected among other TWRA law enforcement officers to become the state recipient. Mr. Watch it people the pundits are trying to plant a seed in your brain they are saying that it doesnt matter about Hillary’s wins she will never get the delegates to catch up and surpass obama so he will be the nominee and if she ends up being the nominee that means she was choosen by party insiders in the smoke filled rooms you know they are doing this to get people to go crazy if she is the nominee when it is the democratic rules to include super delegates and they are free to back whom they think is the most electable. Even obama is spreading this when there are clips of axilrod in a msnbc interview stating that super delegates are free agents and they vote the way they want to vote just like anybody else. They have alread attached a stigma to Hillary, they told us only uneducated poor folks vote hillary all the rich college educated vote obama now people that support hillary may be embarressed to show that with enthusiasm because they will feel like others are looking at them as racist or uneducated uk canada goose.