Because I think FCND is more fun

It really came to a head when him and other police officers on the server were ambushed at a bank robbery by the Lean Bois and he just went totally off the rails, claiming that it was unrealistic that criminals would ever ambush the police in real life. He then started banning people willy nilly until he ended up being banned (I think) and quitting RP. Now he just a variety streamer playing random games.

Canada Goose Jackets Also helping human NPCs rebuild a settlement just feels right, and having a NPC Dog companion like Timber would be great. Mostly, I just wish FO76 was better. Because I think FCND is more fun, also it wasn a full priced title when it was really just a re release of FC5.. Canada Goose Jackets

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uk canada goose outlet 2 points submitted 8 days agoShe fine, but I feel the need to remind people periodically that she fucking 86 years old and got her second cancer diagnosis in 2009, at age 76, with a Democratic president and Senate. She had the next 5 years to retire canada goose outlet at totally reasonable ages to retire and get replaced, but she chose not to, either assuming that a Dem would nominate her successor no matter what or believing the BS that the Supreme Court is above politics and partisanship.sertorius42 2 points submitted 10 days agoIt’s fine if you want to set up an automatic investment transfer and are worried about your discipline to manually save every month or week. The fee for low balance accounts is $1/month, which is high but can be offset with some of Acorns’ “offers,” where you buy X through a sponsored link or refer a friend and get $5 or $10 or x% of your purchase deposited in your account, which is useful if you were planning on buying something anyway.I’ve had an account for maybe a year and the offer rewards have more than paid for the fees even though I’ve bought maybe 2 things total from it.Verdict: it’s fine. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose clearance sale These steps were actually for a VPS. If you wanted to lock down your home server you would still follow these same steps but you could relax a bit since no one could get in through any port except those that you forwarded from your router. However, there would be some extra steps you would have to take on a physical machine (such as forwarding the necessary ports from your router).. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose uk outlet Trust your gut and try things as you feel ready. Don’t use previously forbidden things as a negative channel to vent your hurt and frustration. Find healthy and enjoyable ways to add these awesome new things to your life.. Players instead are either speccing into DPS, or tank builds and outright ignoring skill which just further narrows players into being more and more homogeneous. Your concerns may be warranted, though I figure it would be better to risk a potential meta in skill builds over it withering on the vine completely.It seems we back again with Massive stuck trying to balance everything together while simultaneously trying to counter emerging metas which just doesn work from either a game design perspective or plain interest in fun. Balancing everything evenly ends up narrowing the power bandwidth of all players to be tightly together which as usual has the effect of forcing players to gravitate towards whatever is best in slot (since playing against the meta in such a system is unrewarding), and there will always be that which is still best in slot canada goose uk outlet.