A note about termination: please avoid using the “A” word on

I recently “leveled up to 51” and part of me still begs for that “secret family skeleton”.Susan Sarandon, Madeline Kahn, and Dyan Cannon were my main hopefuls! The latter shares my hometown so she was the most likely I figured, plus, line up ideally with my Dad “type”. 4 points submitted 17 days agoI love clinicals! When I was an LPN student, they were horribly intimidating though. I felt useless and like I would never be anything but a hindrance.

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Photographer here: to me the biggest sign is the cake cutting. Some people like to smear the cake everywhere as a joke, some people don Usually the couple is in sync about this. They know what the other would like and they don smush cake on the others face if they wouldn want that..

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