Stop Smoking Session III

Now as you sink deeper and deeper into relaxation, further and further down, all the sounds fade away in the distance and you pay attention only to the sound of my voice, listening carefully to the sound of my voice, for all the suggestions that I am going to give you take complete and thorough effect upon you – mind, body and spirit.

You know that nicotine is poison. It is one of the most powerful poisons on the face of the earth. A very tiny amount would be enough to kill a horse, let alone a human being. Fortunately, nicotine is not too concentrated in cigarettes, but it is present and you are taking poison every time you suck on a cigarette.

In the past, you may have told yourself, “If I didn’t smoke, I’d do something else. I might drink or take pills or overeat. I would poison myself in some other way.” In other words, you are claiming that “if I didn’t take this poison, I’d take another poison.” This is the lesser of two poisons. Now that is ridiculous! How ridiculous can you get? Can you believe you have tried to put such a ridiculous idea over on yourself? “If I didn’t take one poison, I’d take another”? It’s ridiculous – a ridiculous idea. For the first time in you life, you can see how ridiculous that concept is. You don’t need any poison. That attitude implied that you did – you needed some kind of poison. You need poison like you need a hole in the head.

From now on you are going to do positive things. There are numerous positive things you can do and positive things you can eat and drink. You can eat good fruits and vegetables. You can exercise moderately and comfortably. You can take brisk walks. You can relax and enjoy yourself. There are literally millions of things you can do to maintain a wonderfully relaxed, peaceful, calm, tranquil existence without taking any poison at all. Poison is good for some things – things we want to kill off. Like rats.

Unless you think of yourself as a scroungy, bothersome rat, you don’t need poison. And you don’t think of yourself that way. You know now that you are a wonderful, valuable human being, entire the opposite of rats. You don’t need to punish yourself. You are not guilty of anything. You are not guilty of anything at all. Now those ideas are gone and finished once and for all. You don’t have to think about them ever again. And just as those ideas are gone, the ridiculous ideas you have had whole thing has just wiped out. You can see it go. Drifting away from you once and for all.

You don’t need any poisons. Cigarettes, pills, liquor – nothing. What you do need is relaxation, comfortable, cool relaxation. During this time, you are glad to sink deeper and deeper. You feel more and more comfortable in every way and you completely release the desire for tobacco in every and any form. It is all gone – drifted away.

Now sleep deeper and deeper. Relaxed. Deeper and deeper. The need for smoking has disappeared. You will be surprised and amazed to find out that you no longer require tobacco in any form. You do not need any type of poison in its place. You are through with poison. You literally turn you back on it and it drifts away from you. Now sink deeper and deeper into relaxation. All of these suggestions take complete and thorough effect upon you, mind, body and spirit, as you go deeper and deeper and deeper. Nothing disturbs you. A period of silence now begins as these suggestions take deep and profound effect.