Reading Faster

See yourself sitting at your desk or in your favorite chair reading. You are reading at a very comfortable speed and retaining everything you read.

I now want you to notice that you are reading at twice the speed that you normally do. You have not sacrificed any comprehension or retention. In fact, your comprehension and retention have also improved

Your eyes have the capability to see much more than you now allow them to see. You can now accept the rapid rate with which you eyes are capable of seeing and allow them to do so. The human mind can comprehend at an astronomically fast rate. You now allow your mind to accept and comprehend at least double the rate that you have in the past.

Your reading speed will continue to get faster and faster as quickly as you accept it.

You now see and comprehend in sentences instead of words, paragraphs instead of sentences. Becoming faster and faster, more and more efficient every time you read.

With every book, article, and lesson that you read, you become better and faster and you feel great because you are realizing a part of your potential you have not realized before.