You do not respond to any comments from hospital personnel, family, friends, etc. that in any way might slow down the healing process. You only respond to the positive.

There is no pain associated with surgery because we do not need a warning. There is no discoloration, no blood in the tissue, no bruising. There is no bleeding except to cleanse the wound or for testing. It is so easy to draw blood for testing.

There is no infection. Your antibodies are alert to fight any and all possibilities of infection for any reason. There is no scarring. Healing is complete and rapid, leaving no scars.

There is no swelling because the surgery is not violating because you are totally relaxed. There is no swelling of tissue, no fluid build up in the tissue, no any destructive change in body temperature. You body allows only for temperature change to correct any imperfection.

There is no fluid build up in the lungs. The lungs stay clear and healthy. There is no problem of blood clotting. Elimination remains normal with no problems with urinating or bowel movement or activity.

Anesthesia clears from the system very rapidly after surgery.

You sleep easily and comfortably with a natural cycle of deep, R.E.M. and light sleep.

You stomach and digestive system remains normal with no interruptions.

The healing light is rapid and instantaneous allowing your body to maintain perfect health in every way.