Migraine Headaches

(Make sure you are not dealing with tumor, poor eyesight, tooth decay, infectious disease, high blood pressure, head injury, etc.)

Relax and shape and form the headache and throw it away. As you relax you do not need the headache. Anytime you feel a headache coming on, you release it. Place the tips of your fingers on the back of your neck and apply a very gentle pressure and the tension goes away.

Whenever the muscles start to tighten or you start to squint your eyes, you become aware of it immediately and relaxation begins immediately.

If you have pressure behind the eyes, very gently use your fingertips to brush your eyelids with an outward motion and the pressure will subside.

A deep breath will relax the muscles and the headache cannot materialize.

(Deepen by having the client go down a staircase.)

At the bottom of your staircase design a release valve for the escape of the tension or nervousness. Anytime you are in a situation that tension is building, see yourself at the bottom of your stairs and pull the release valve. Do not let the tension build