Visualize that you are a sponge being wrung of stress, down and out your toes. Take 3 deep breaths and “sleep now”. Hear my voice only until your relaxation therapy is complete, then you will go into a deep easy natural sleep.

Because you want to get a full nights sleep, and because you want to awaken in the morning feeling completely refreshed, rested and full of pep and energy, each night as you retire you relax every muscle in your body by taking 3 deep breaths. After each breath you say to yourself sleep now. An let every muscle and nerve go loose and limp. After the third breath you are so completely relaxed you immediately drift off into a deep and restful slumber which remains unbroken until morning. Only an emergency awakens you and if this happens you return to bed after attending it and go to sleep within 60 seconds. It is easy for you to relax and go to sleep because you expect to sleep. Throughout your sleep, you are contented and pleasantly relaxed.

You always relax completely upon taking 3 deep breaths and at bedtime you always go to sleep as you relax. You sleep soundly and comfortably and without effort. Throughout your sleep you feel calm, contented and relaxed and you carry this calm, contented sense of relaxation over into you waking hours. You always awaken at your usual rising time and feel wonderful! Completely relaxed, rested, alert and cheerful! Your eyes open, you sit up and put your feet on the floor immediately, you stretch, and you feel good. Really ready for another wonderful day. You thoroughly enjoy your deep restful sleep and at bedtime you just take 3 deep breaths and think “sleep now” after each breath, and you go to sleep automatically. All of these thoughts come to you when you relax and say “sleep now”.

I am now going to bring you through the colors of the rainbow. The colors are red/orange, yellow/green, blue, purple/lavender, and white. As I go through the colors you will go deeper and deeper into natural sleep. On the color white you will easily and gently reach over and turn off the machine that is playing this tape. After you turn off the machine, you will go into a very deep and very relaxed state of natural, normal sleep.

Red/orange … slowly, calmly, easily and gently going into deep, normal sleep.

Yellow/green … every nerve and muscle in your body is loose and limp and relaxed, as you go deeper and deeper into natural sleep.

Blue … from head to toe you feel good, you feel perfect in every way, you go deeper and deeper into natural sleep.

Purple/lavender … your mind and your body are now going into a very deep and healthful slumber. You feel good, and at the next color, you gently and easily, without disturbing your restful slumber, reach over and turn off your machine, then you go into deep restful and natural sleep for the entire night.

White … easily and gently now reach over and turn off your machine that is playing this tape. Sleep now. Sleep now. Sleep now.