Sexual Dysfunction (Frigidity)

Sex is no longer an inconvenience to you. You can easily reach a climax when you choose. You are just as good as any other woman sexually. You are a confident and competent lover. Sex is for both men and women to enjoy. Between consenting adults any expression of love and sex is okay.

You feel no guilt about enjoying sex. You experience no pain or humiliation with sex. Nothing is wrong with you mentally because you have had difficulty in the past reaching a climax.

It is easy for you to express your love physically. Sex is a beautiful, natural expression. You can reach climax as quickly as you choose.

At night you sleep soundly and deeply. During the night you find that your sleeping hours relieve you of much stress and strain and when you awaken in the morning you feel refreshed, invigorated and you find that you look forward to a new day. You feel good because you deserve to feel good. You go to sleep easily and quickly now.

When you put your feet on the floor in the morning you automatically tell yourself “I feel good”. You find that now your days are more calm, more relaxed and you handle situations easily without letting them upset you. You take a deep breath often and realize that this is helping you get through each and every day with less and less tension and you feel good about that and yourself.