(Give a progressive relaxation induction then proceed as follows)

Survey your entire body and see if you have an energy leak. Can you see where energy is escaping? (If yes, have them repair the leak. If no, assure the client that this is great.)

Visualize a ray of pure compatible energy flowing into your body. This wonderful ray is completely re-energizing your body and your mind. There is also an outflow of energy. See it. Now that your energy is replenished, there is an easy and equal inflow and outflow of vitalizing energy throughout your body.

Feel this energy field around your body getting very strong. You now have energy to spare. You feel refreshed, re-energized yet relaxed.

Any situation or person that might have drained your energy in the past can now longer effect you in any way. (See ProtectiveShield script) Your shield of protection neutralizes all negatively.