Depression II

Think of the most peaceful scene you can remember. Let your mind’s eye rove over the scene as you recall the things that made it peaceful or beautiful or memorable. Let your mind become permeated with the colorful serenity of the scene. Think about each thought I share with you and let it sink into your consciousness on all levels.

I am made in the image of God. Therefore, the peace that is God’s nature must likewise be at the heart and center of my being.

Nothing was ever intended to interfere with this peace. Whatever is at the bottom of my distress has no place in the Infinite plan.

I let myself sink into the arms of the Eternal like a tired child in its mother’s arms. Peace steals over me and the quiet of the Eternal wraps itself around me.

Be still soul and know that I am God. Father, I become still in Thy presence. I feel now the Infinite stillness. Even though the storm rages without, I feel thy peace within. I am quiet, relaxed, passive in Thy unruffled peace.

I am adequate to anything that can happen. Nothing is too much for me because nothing is too much for God, whose thoughts now dwell in my mind.

I and the Father are one: therefore I surrender my imperfect thinking. I am going to let this Mind that was in Jesus Christ be in me, thinking Its thoughts through Me. These thoughts are thoughts of fulfilled desire since all of Gods desires are always being fulfilled. The Lord is my Shepherd: I shall not want for any good thing. He restoreth my soul, my thinking; I will fear no evil and I will choose to dwell in this house of the Lord forever. Think on what you have, not on what you have lost for blessings counted multiply and every lost thing can be restored or compensated for.