Childbirth: Time Distortion

See yourself completely relaxed. You are at the hospital (home, etc.) ready to have your baby. Your contractions are strong and beautiful.

Tension and fear breed pain and you no longer feel any tension, anxiety or fear therefore you do not experience any pain with childbirth.

Childbirth is natural and easy. Any special and unique experiences that you may have during the birth of your child will not distress you in any way. (See Protective Shield Script) Your shield of protection is there taking care of both you and your child.

With each contraction you have, you can and do respond exactly the way the doctor wants you to respond but you will experience no pain what-so-ever. As the muscles contract during labor, it seems as though the time lapse is but a micro second. As the muscles relax the time lapse seems as though it is several minutes, giving you time to rest and restore you energy. You have plenty of time to maintain composure and enjoy the event of your own child’s birth.

Every moment is cherished and enjoyed. You have no need to worry about pain or problems because you have a choice and the choice you have made is to enjoy and experience without any negative influence.

You enjoy every moment of the birth without negative experience at all; no pain, no worry, and because of that your child is extremely healthy.

It is very easy for you to relax and enjoy every step of the birth because you have no fear of pain, you experience no pain or fear with childbirth.

If you feel a doubt or anxiety creeping up you simply take a deep breath and it will just go away.

Your shield of protection neutralizes all negativity and you maintain complete control.

You feel great with every contraction because you know that with each contraction your baby is closer and closer to being born.