Bruxism: Grinding Teeth

Feeling good about yourself now, release all feelings of guilt or aggression.

Things don’t bother you like they did in the past. Things that used to upset you or make you nervous, hurt your feelings, embarrass your, or make you angry no longer have such a profound effect on you. You can now see them more clearly for what they are and not allow them to upset you.

Anytime you clench or grind your teeth you become aware on a conscious or subconscious level of what you are doing. As the awareness occurs you automatically relax every muscle in your body.

Clenching or grinding your teeth is an aggressive or nervous outlet. Instead of grinding your teeth, you now can take a deep breath and completely release the tension.

Now take a deep breath and notice how relaxed you become when you exhale.

Grinding your teeth is annoying to the people around you. You choose to no longer annoy those around you.