AIDS Session II

As you sink deeper and deeper into relaxation, you are feeling calm and at peace with yourself. During your last visit I talked about your ability to fight off and eliminate tensions and how this can be accomplished. As you remember, tension and anxieties bring about a breakdown in your immune system and how this can lead to disease and illness. Today you are going to learn, effectively and permanently how you can rid yourself of the disease that has been allowed to invade your body.

Through visual imagery, you are going to tell your subconscious to strengthen your body’s immune system and to fight against the invading disease. The disease in your body will become helpless against the revived immune system. Your mind power is going to overpower and destroy your diseased cells. I want you to visualize the picture you drew of the disease in your body. Visualize its disorientation … visualize its weakness … visualize its sluggish, disorganized shape … visualize its frightened and scared expression … that’s right … very good. Now I want you to visualize the current treatment you are receiving from your doctor.

If you are taking medication, picture it as an orange fluid surging throughout your system towards the diseased cells … plunging through your body and attacking these cells … Good, very good. Visualize this medication successfully killing off these cells, hundreds at a time, shrinking them until they have lost all life and leaving your white cells safe and untouched. Visualize these diseased cells shrinking and afraid because they know your immune system is much stronger than they are. Visualize this medication succeeding … that’s right, very good.

Now I want you to visualize the picture you drew of your immune system … powerful, aggressive, invincible. Visualize its viciousness, its strength, ready to attack and kill all disease. Now, visualize your immune system zeroing in on one, only one, of these diseased cells … zero in on one of those weak, small cells. See how frightened and disoriented it is … how difficult it is for it to run of even move because of its soft, sluggish shape … see how it reacts to the knowledge that it’s going to be attacked by your vicious, fierce and ferocious immune system, your white cells that are so strong and unbeatable. Alright, now attack that diseased cell … Visualize your immune system destroying, powerfully destroying, bursting with energy and conquering that frightened diseased cell … See how angry your immune system is and how it rushes viciously up to the diseased cell, with no mercy or gentleness, and destroys it … tearing it to pieces. The number of white cells in your body are limitless and the diseased cells are outnumbered. You can’t lose! You have billions in reserve. Now visualize that dead cell and feel triumphant. Look around you … see the other diseased cells cowering from this successful attack.

They know that they too are going to be destroyed. Alright, now zero in on another one … visualize your white cells readying for another attack … and charge forth … striking, tearing apart, destroying, bursting with energy … See that diseased cell being torn apart, destroyed, ripped to pieces … See how easy the diseased cell is destroyed … how its soft, sluggish body crumpled and died at your immune system attack. Now again, zero in on another one … and charge! … attack that weakling of a cell. A weak, confused disease of that sort has no use in a strong body such as yours … get it out of there … destroy it … attack … viciously attack … its place is not in a strong body such as yours … rip it apart … show no mercy to this ridiculous mush that’s not welcome in this powerful body … your white cells are screaming at the diseased cell saying ‘I’ll show no mercy and I enjoy destroying you’ You’re nothing but small, weak and confused. What’s more … there are many, many more of me than you!

Alright, now you are going to get into the picture. I want you to visualize yourself as a white knight, in charge of this tremendous army of white cells. You are in charge of your immune system … giving orders … leading the attack. Feel the hatred towards these diseased cells … feel the anger … and begin helping your white cells hack and rip to pieces the diseased cells, one by one. Destroy these diseased cells, one by one. Give your white cells orders. Ready them for the attack. Tell them to “Charge! Attack! Destroy!” Tear the cell to pieces … visualize your sword plunging right through each diseased cell. Visualize this as you hack and cut and twist and slash with your sword. Feel the hatred for these diseased cells … feel no mercy … order your white cells to carry away the dead remains of these diseased cells … flush them out through your kidneys or bowel … they’re gone … gone and will never return. Keep attacking diseased cells, one by one. Say to yourself, ‘I hate this diseased cell … I’m killing this cell, I hate it so much … All of these cells are dead … dead cells, never to invade my body again. Now, as you are killing off these diseased cells, I want you to also visualize the healing medicine and treatment you are receiving from your doctor. Visualize the healing, orange medicine fighting right alongside your strong, white cells … fighting right alongside you … the white knight … the strong leader and commander of your white cells. See your white cells and the healing medicine fighting side by side. The healing medicine surging through the diseased cells … weakening them. These diseased cells don’t have a chance now … your army of vicious white cells, the forceful, healing medicine and your strong leadership doesn’t give these diseased cells any chance at all … Alright, now I want you to order your white cells to form into groups of 50 each … hundreds of these groups are forming in packs of 50 each … getting ready for a ruthless, heartless attack … 50 to 1 … the diseased cells don’t have a chance … alright, now give the order to attack … attack … attack one cell at a time with your pack of 50 strong, vicious, white cells … kill, destroy, rip apart … savagely kill those diseased cells … that’s right … good. A victory each and every time your white cells attack these weak, spineless, frightened diseased cells.

Now look around your system that was once invaded by these weak, disorganized cells … see how healthy and glowing it is … see the healthy, pink glow … free of disease … free of any disorder. See the white cells, bursting with strength … free to move throughout your body without any cumbersome diseased cells … visualize your healthy blood pumping through your body … surging life through every pore, every vein, every artery … giving you vitality and perfect health.

Now, as you visualize your body in perfect health, glowing with vitality and pureness, I want you to visualize yourself walking down a white stretch of beach … walking easily … strolling down a beautiful, peaceful beach … You see yourself in perfect, harmonious health … in a super-healthy state, completely in harmony with nature, knowing that your body can fight off every kind of human ailment. Picture that you are walking along this beach, fully aware that your life’s goals have been accomplished … accomplished through your own efforts … feel how proud you feel … how wonderful it is to know you have the power to make life work for you … Feel a very strong love for yourself … picture yourself having accomplished everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish … take a few seconds out now to visualize this … visualize accomplishment … enjoying life!

Now, it’s time for congratulations. It’s time to congratulate yourself for taking an active role in your own recovery. Repeat, to yourself this suggestion: ‘Every day in every way I am getting better and better.’ Repeat this now, to yourself, a few times … and as you say it, feel yourself being well, cheerful, optimistic, and full of renewed energy. Now, I’m going to give you some suggestions that are going to take complete and thorough effect on you mind, body, and spirit. These suggestions are also guided rules for you to follow every day, 15 minutes each time. You are going to follow these seven steps for your own guided imagery, for you to practice every day, and you are to follow them exactly in sequence, as I relate them to you.

One – Visualize your ailment exactly as you drew the picture of it. Do this for thirty seconds.

Two – Visualize the medical treatment you are receiving and see it destroying the cause of your illness. This session will last approximately 75 seconds.

Three – Visualize your body’s healing powers destroying the cause of your illness. These are your white cells. This session should last about 8 minutes.

Four – Visualize the afflicted area as already healed and restored to health. This visualization should last around 90 seconds.

Five – Visualize yourself in perfect health. 75 seconds for this period.

Six – Picture you life goals as fulfilled and visualize a good self-image. This also 75 seconds.

Seven – Congratulate yourself for taking an active part in your own recovery. Tell yourself you are feeling great. Maintain a positive feeling. This last session is also 75 seconds.

You are to use this program of guided imagery 3 times a day for a full 15 minutes each time. You will find that your body will be in a better state of health than it was before each session … full of vitality, full of life.