September 13-14, 2024*

via Zoom Live Webinar

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Hypnosis Conference 2024

Stay up to date with the latest in hypnosis and trance modalities - as applied to 2024, to improve your future work with clients and students. Get expert advice, tips & tools. Attend the 2024 Hypnosis Conference ONLINE on...

  • Sept 14 - 15, 2024 for most of the world.
  • Sept 13-14, 2024 only for North and South America.

Enjoy this two-day conference of hypnosis and trance utilization that will certainly contribute to your mastery in the use of trance, trance-related techniques and hypnosis with success and mastery. Keeping up to date with the current happenings in the industry is of the greatest importance for staying on top of the game, and what better way of staying on top than participating in a global event.


The 2024 Hypnosis Conference is designed to help you build confidence, learn new skills and techniques, and develop better use of hypnosis and trance.  Get a peek at what other people are working on and what are the current modalities for trance and hypnosis.

Our speakers are successful trainers and practitioners who will share their expertise to give you ideas you can apply immediately in your business. Most importantly they are from different places in the world which dramatically expands your understanding hypnosis cross-culturally.

You can enjoy learning new skills to drive better communications and improve results while becoming even more productive in your business outcomes. And all with the help of trance and trance related processes.

Our speakers will share information and best practices on the latest use of hypnosis in different parts of the world as well as applications of trance to better your knowledge, improve your results with clients or students and increase your overall business success. They will share insights on different modalities of using trance, for you and your clients benefit. As a result you can also increase your performance and overall creativity leading to beneficial marketing ideas.




Sharing with learning

Share a space with fellow hypnosis practitioners and trainers from all over the world. Exchange ideas and build your networking.


Expand Your Knowledge

Our speakers will share practical ideas or actions intended to deal with different clients and trainings so you learn and improve.


Stay Up-to-Date

Learn about new trance techniques and tools. Keep current with the happenings in the industry now in 2024 to remain relevant, and spark further growth in what you love doing the most.


Focus on what works best now

Learn about new trance techniques and tools. Keep current with the happenings in the industry now in 2024 to remain relevant, and spark further growth in what you love doing the most.


Fire up your creativity

Enjoy innovative approaches to trance that will fire-up your creativity and inspire you to think outside the box.


WorldwiDe START DATE & Times

Las Vegas, USA Friday, Sept 13 8 pm PDT

New York, USA Friday, Sept 13 11 pm EDT

Houston, USA Friday, Sept 13 10 pm CDT

Toronto, CA, Friday, Sept 13 11 pm EDT

Sydney AU Saturday, Sept 14 1 pm AEST

Wellington NZ Saturday, Sept 14 3 pm NZST

Kuala Lumpur, MY Saturday, Sept 14 11 am MYT

Bangkok, TH Saturday, Sept 14 10 am ICT

London UK Saturday, Sept 14 4 am BST

Stockholm, S Saturday, Sept 14 5 am CEST

Bucharest RO Saturday, Sept 14 6 am EEST

Tokyo, JP Saturday, Sept 14 12 pm JST

Lima, Peru Friday, Sept 13 10 pm PET

Islamabad, PK Saturday, Sept 14 8 am PKT

Manila, PH Saturday Sept 13, 11 am PHST

For those unable to attend the live sessions due to time zone difference, recordings will be available 24 hours after the event.

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