Improving Hearing

(Describe a healing light.)

Visualize your ear. Now, lets start at the outer ear and check for any and all problems and correct them as you go. Take the healing light with you as you go.

Check the hair in the outer hear, the wax glands, moving now into the middle ear check the eardrum, the hammer, the anvil, the stirrup.

Moving now into the inner ear, check the cochlea and the organ of corti, check the semicircular canals, the auditory nerve, and auditory tube.

Trace the impulses to the hearing center of the brain and check for any blocks or interruptions. Set up rapid and instantaneous healing.

See yourself in a situation where you no longer have any trouble.

As you do your hearing exercises you will hear better and better with every passing day until you have returned to 100% hearing ability, feeling great.

Remove any thoughts that might interfere with perfect hearing.