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These Scripts & FAQ's are (served to you from our sister web site are posted for our members to use in doing Hypnotherapy with their clients. You are free to use them as you do Hypnotherapy. After you use them for a while, you will be well on your way to being an excellent Hypnotherapist.


If you have not taken Hypnosis Training yet, we think you should.


While it is possible to learn hypnosis from just reading scripts, we believe that hands-on training is not only useful but absolutely necessary. If you are using our scripts and not getting the results you want, you probably should take a hypnotherapy training. There is probably one near you, click for more information.


HYPNOSIS & NLP SCRIPTS: Here are the resources you have been looking for. Here are the Hypnosis Scripts for Inductions, Interventions, and Stage Hypnosis. In addition, you will also find Hypnosis Audios and Videos, and info about NLP!



THE OFFICIAL FAQ ON alt.hypnosis: Get all the FAQ's on alt.hypnosis and hypnosis in general. Here is the (semi) official FAQ for the alt.hypnosis newsgroup. This should answer some or all of your questions.



GET THE FAQ'S ON HYPNOSIS: Need to know more about Hypnosis? This FAQ series was created by Todd Stark. It has a lot of information about hypnosis and answers many questions. This should answer some more of your questions.



HYPNOTHERAPIST CERTIFICATION TRAINING: Take a Hypnotherapist Certification Training near you! The Tad James Co., offers these certification trainings in the US and Australia as part of the NLP/Time Line Therapy/Hypnosis trainings or as separate hypnotherapy certification trainings ... look and see if there's a training near you.


Approved Trainings
are issued a seal of approval

The official seal of the ABNLP
on a certificate is only valid when
accompanied by the signature of the Approved Institute/Trainer.

Look for our approved seals on NLP Trainings throughout the world.


Hypnosis Articles from Our Sister Site:
Hypnosis Scripts
including Induction Techniques
and Stage Inductions
Hypnosis Faq All your questions answered

Now, read some articles on NLP from the web NLP authority,
- What is NLP?
- Introduction to NLP
- The NLP Communication Model
- Strategies
- What is it Like to take an NLP Practitioner Training?
- What is it Like to take an NLP Master Practitioner Training?
- What is it Like to take an NLP Trainer's Training?
- What Opportunities exist in the field of NLP?

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