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Many people have found how to make a great income, but they hate their jobs. Many people have found a job they love but they have not found how to make money at it.


This program shows you how to combine both - have  a job that you love and which fulfills you and makes you happy to go to work on Monday morning.


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 01-The Problem-Making Money and Liking What You Do.mp3

 02-What to Do-First Change Your Thinking.mp3

 03-Changing Your Attitude About Money.mp3

 04-Prospering Value and How to NOT Dam the Flow.mp3

 05-Your Beliefs About Money Determine Your Success.mp3

 06-Give Specific Instructions to Money.mp3

 07-How Much Can a Single Client Spend With You.mp3

 08-How Much Work Does Your Marketing Dollar Do.mp3

 09-The NLP Model of Training and Marketing.mp3

 10-How You Can Implement this Model.mp3

 11-Having a Valuable Product or Service to Sell.mp3

 12-After the Fact Support.mp3


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